Quick and simple desserts: Banoffee Pie

I’m going to be honest here, the perfect biscuit base is something I struggle with. I mean, it sets all ok and I leave it to cool but there is always something I seem to get wrong each time. Not enough butter, too much butter, not enough biscuit bashing, you get my point. Baking and desserts are not my strong point, so I aim to get better at that over the coming months. I can no longer blame my ‘wonky’ oven for my disastrous cookies, yet my scotch eggs bake to perfection. Well anyway, a banoffee pie is super simple and quick to make and is my go-to dessert for all occasions (like just wanting to eat a fattening dessert).

Here is a rough recipe

75g unsalted butter

200g digestive biscuits

300ml double cream, whisked

2 bananas

300ml caramel

Chocolate for dusting ( I use Green & Blacks)

melt the butter, add in the crushed biscuits and stir until all mixed in, and to the dish and pat down, then set aside to cool in the fridge. Whisk the cream, then add the caramel to the base, then the bananas, cream and some chocolate for dusting.